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Embark on a road trip in a post apocalyptic world, threatened by mutants and scavengers. Make decisions to move forward and take care of the company you meet along the way, for each day could be the last.

AME is a free game with sexual and comic content, made by and for adult gamers.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorPent Panda
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsErotic, Funny, Post-apocalyptic, Roadtrip, Romance
Average sessionA few seconds


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ApocalypseMutantErotica - PC.zip.zip 1 GB

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Well there are a couple of typos that I noticed mostly at the last fourth of the game. But the characters are fun and silly the story amusing while sucking you in. It's surprisingly short I feel like with the path I took at least which ended up with all three female companions the story could have gone on another hour or two almost getting to know the third character. Maybe someday I remaster is in the future for this one where some more mini games and further content with the whole gang together.


Fun story, to bad you lost almost all files. A follow-up would be nice.


The game is very fun and emersive and I liked the fact the girls aren't perfect beauties but yet each still alluring in their own way.

Is AM2 the continuing story of Jody, Nick and Yugo? 


Hi Sird! AM2 is a whole new story, mainly due to two events:

1. I lost almost all of AME assets after a PC crash. The horror. The horror. Some of these, like the car, do come back because I already had them from other games, but none of the characters :(

2. I enjoy making original games, with new characters and personalities, and in this case new compatible powers.

You can always try the free (and long) AM2 demo.


Release November 2021:

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Coming soon:

Apocalypse Mutant 2


Although production quality was not the best (overall render quality, inconsistent backgrounds, spelling and grammatical mistakes), I really enjoyed the game. The characters were loveable and the humor was super good. It doesn't happen too often that I have to laugh out loud while playing an adult game. So thanks for that!

Also, I liked that the game stayed in the 1st person perspective consistently. Other games often randomly switch between 1st and 3rd person. So this was a nice change a helped a lot with immersion, especially during the sex scenes.

But I have to agree with the other comments here that the game is way too short (~2h). So add me to the list of people hoping there will be a part 2 someday.


Thanks for your comment! I'm currently working on part 2, a whole new and longer story, with first and third perspectives, two playable characters and a variety of new companions. It'll take a while, but soon I'll release a free demo with the first chapters.

I agree that the production quality must improve, in fact I'm a writer still learning to design and to program. I hope to improve noticeably in the second part, thanks to comments like yours.


I've seen your other games but this game is my fav. I liked the story and I actually like the 1st person perspective. I have it on my lap top and android tablet.  You should do a continuation. So much potential, especially the mutant power aspect.


I just finshed it with best ending. 

Post-Apo is always cool. As well as the stories with sexy girls. Even if they are a bit of skinny due to lack of food in destoyed world. 

Plot is good and contains character development and relationship building. 

All the characters are interesting. It's great that so different traits can work well very together, especially in right combinations. 

I hope you will make next part someday


Hi, I just bought this game today, and I really enjoy this little game.

I like the fact that even if it's a NSFW game with sex part, you feel you have relationships with the NPCs and may fall in love.

I like the CG, even if the girls are a bit too skinny for my taste (I tend to prefer more curvy women). But it's an apocalypse after all, where you don't always eat as you need. So skinny peoples are the norm.

It just one big issue... it's damn to short ! :-)
I really hope that you will add other chapters. I know you have just realized another game, but I hope you won't forget AME.

Thanks for your comment.  This was my first game so I made it very short. You may enjoy my other two games, were I improved what I could so far.

AME is opened for a continuation, but I'm currently working on being fresh with new ideas.


I saw your two others games.
It's just that I like the theme of AME very much, I always liked story of survival after an apocalypse.
And to be honest, for what I see on the screenshot, I found the ET girl from your last game really too skinny for my taste.


i have enjoyed it so far are you going to add more chapters in the future

Actually there's another short game ongoing, including some vids. Just need time ;)

Thanks for your comment!